Snore No More – Relief from snoring

If you want to break away from your relationship – snore your way out!

That’s not meant to be a joke. Snoring has its anti-social and health consequences. Certainly, in most cases you would want to have a relief from snoring. Snoring has two types: mild snoring and excessive snoring.

How are you able to classify what type you have? These tips usually provide relief from snoring if it’s the mild type. If your partner notices that you snore when you’re comfortably lying on your back then get used to lying on your side. One way to achieve this is to do the ball trick. Put a ball inside a sock and attach it at the back portion on the waistline of your pajama. If having a bulk on you back wouldn’t want you to lie on your side, who knows what would.

Also, alcohol and a full stomach before bedtime triggers snoring since these contain substances that relax the neck muscles after you fall asleep and makes you produce the vibratory sound. Try to avoid these about three hours before going to bed so you can have a relief from snoring. Alcohol, sedatives and sleeping pills also makes your neck muscles relax in such a way that the soft tissues block the air passage so it’s better to avoid these as well to get relief from snoring.

Lessen intakes of fatty dairy products as these are known to contain thick substances that keep the mucus in the throat from draining – and this creates the vibratory sound as air tries to move across. Obese people have accumulated fats around their neck area resulting in narrowed air passages. Losing weight helps in getting relief from snoring as the fatty obstructions are lessened.

Relief from Snoring – the excessive type

Excessive snorers produce the vibratory sound in any position (even when seated) and at any time of the day. Excessive, chronic, or habitual snoring signals only one thing – there is a health problem. Complicated snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea, a sleeping disorder in which a person stops to breath for about 10 seconds or more, several times in one night. Although it hasn’t been proven yet, studies conclude that there seems to be a direct correlation between excessive snoring or sleep apnea and illnesses like high blood pressure, hypertension, and cardiovascular diseases that could lead to stroke or premature death.

Relief from snoring of this type includes the use of anti-snoring appliance or devices like resmed airfitf20, airfit f20, sleep f20 cheap mask and in extreme cases surgery (minor or major). Anti-snoring devices are fitted at the back of the mouth so as to push the tongue forward to create a wider opening of the air passage. This often provides a relief from snoring but patients usually complain of the bulk and discomfort from wearing the device.

Surgical approaches to snoring have also been widely used today. It entails the surgical removal of any obstruction that is causing excessive snoring and sleep apnea. Patients who have undergone surgery often feel discomforts during the first couple of weeks but relief from snoring is achieved in several weeks or months after the operation.

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