Childbirth Education

Sleeping Lady Women’s Health Care is now offering childbirth education! Our Childbirth Educator is passionate about working with expectant parents and helping them to prepare for the journey of childbirth. Our Prepared Childbirth class discusses comfort measures, relaxation, exercises, stages of labor, and possible interventions. Cesarean section is also discussed. Come join us for a class…learn  about what lies ahead in your journey to becoming parents, as well as get to meet other expectant parents! Classes are two weekday-evenings, held on the first Monday and Wednesday of every month, 6-9pm. Cost is $60 and includes mom and one support person.

Patient Education Classes

The Prepared childbirth Class:
Monday & Wednesday of every month from 6-9pm

Breastfeeding Basics Class:
The second Wednesday of every month from 6-8pm

Infant/Child CPR:

The third Wednesday of every month from 6-8pm


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