Night Shift Positional Sleep Device for Heavy Snorers

Sleep apnea is a disorder caused by brief stops in breathing lasting a few seconds and creates a harsh snort or gagging sound when breathing resumes. It is noisy, unhealthy and, according to sleep studies by reputable clinics like “Sleep Right Australia“, it impacts about 25 percent of males and 10 percent of ladies in Australia. It is treatable, the majority of typically with constant positive airway pressure (CPAC), which includes pressurised air being blown through the nose throughout the night through a facial mask. However, this is obviously unpleasant and doesn’t work for everyone.

Now, researchers are claiming to have established a more comfortable and efficient solution, which joins the ranks of other novel treatments for sleep disorders – The Night Shift Positional Sleep Device! The makers state that sleeping on the back makes sleep apnea worse for 70 percent of people who experience the condition, while 65 percent of non-apneic snorers also belt out louder snores while oversleeping in that position.

How does it work?

The Night Shift device aims to keep sleepers in the best position throughout the night. It accomplishes the latter through a light vibrating function that prompts the wearer back into position when sleeping on the back. You wear the device on the back of the neck with a silicone strap and magnetic clasp to secure the device. Hence the Night Shift device is a lot less obstructive than a facial mask.

In addition to preventing sleepers from rolling onto their backs, the gadget can likewise be utilised to keep an eye on sleep quality, placing and how often loud snoring is taking place. The  Night Shift device can be synchronised to a computer system with a USB cable, signing up the gadget and setting parameters to user requirements. The Night Shift web portal then collects the data which permits users to produce reports and follow therapy development.

Tracking works because users can get a better idea of the issue, such as a possible connection with alcohol consumption, and determine whether the position throughout sleep is triggering the problem. They can also explore other approaches and compare the results.

The device became the subject of two-part scientific study, and the outcomes have existed in the Journal of Scientific Monitoring and Computing. Night Shift says 90 percent of individuals responded well, with a 79 percent reduction rate in the apnea-hypopnea index, which measures the intensity of the problem. People could sleep more deeply and continuously, while hypoxemia (low level of oxygen in the blood) also enhanced. They also observed a decrease in the portion of time when snoring exceeded 50 dB.

The repercussions of sleep apnea surpass daytime fatigue and lack of concentration for interrupted sleep– it can cause muscle pain and boost threat of a heart attack and stroke, among other problems.

Learn more about Night Shift’s positional sleep device by checking out websites like . Only then can you decide if it is a good solution to your sleeping problems.

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