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Do you know of someone who’s cured his snoring? It’s a reality. Forty-five percent of the world’s population snore and recent studies have associated snoring with high blood pressure, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke. Snoring in pregnant woman has also been known to adversely affect the growth of the unborn child. Little children who snore likeswise are noted to have lower learning abilities and poor mental health.

So snoring is this destructive? It actually depends. Snoring can be classified as mild snoring to habitual snoring. However, habitual snoring may already be a symptom of a dreaded condition called sleep apnea. In this condition, a person actually stops breathing for about 10 seconds and some as long as 30 seconds occuring several times a night. Person with the sleep apnea disorder tend to be less productive during the day and irritable. Snoring today is not only a physical problem, it’s anti-social as well. The best thing to do before anything could get worse is to: cure snoring at once.

If the homeopathic tips did not prove useful for you, it might be time to try some anti snoring appliace. There are many available products of anti snoring appliance. Let’s tackle some just for the point of discussion and not as to recommend.

Basically, the narrowing of the airway due to the relaxation of the neck muscles when a person sleeps at night causes snoring. The soft tissues that flap when air passes through creating the vibratory sound called snoring. An anti snoring appliance generally has a dental overlay portion and a guide ramp portion that fits on the lower jaw and guides it to move forward to prevent snoring.

Makers of the “Negus” anti snoring appliance claim this product has been well researched. This anti snoring appliance is worn in the mouth of a snorer at night to eliminate or lessen snoring. The “Negus” pushes the tongue forward away from the back of the throat so that the airway is made larger.

Another anti snoring appliance is the “Silensor”. This device still uses the same principle of pushing the lower jaw forward to provide a bigger opening of the pharyngeal space. This anti snoring appliance consists of an upper and lower forming worn over the respective tooth arches. The two lateral rotating connectors connecting the formings gently pull the lower jaw forward increasing the opening during sleep.

Same principle is used by the manufacturer of the anti snoring appliance called “Noiselezz”. This anti snoring appliance is still made of two components that are fit to the upper and lower jaw. The Noiselezz keeps the airway unblocked by slightly pulling the mandible (lower jaw) forward to create enough space.

Snoring could be more than just a nuisance to the person sleeping beside the snorer. It could complicate to more serious health problems. Prior to wearing any other anti snoring appliance, you’d be better off paying a visit to your physician first.

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